Why I think we should support I Care

By September 4, 2008 No Comments

There is more than one dynamic to supporting I Care. The two most important reasons and the main reasons why I have aligned myself with I Care are;

To stop the verbal abuse the children have to experience when we don’t want to give them money and can’t say so gracefully.
The second being to remove the cause of the guilt that we experience when we can’t (or don’t want) to give them money.

I have always wondered at how much rejection these children can endure before it affects their self confidence and self respect. To me the best would be to remove them from being exposed to it.

I also feel extremely angry and frustrated that I should feel guilty for having what I have worked hard to earn, and wonder how many other people feel the same and therefore automatically react negatively towards these destitute children.

It makes such sense therefore to make a willing donation to an organisation who undertakes to reach out to these street children, to advise them of what is available to them and to guide them towards a better existence, at the same time taking care of the guilty feeling of not doing anything to relieve the problem.

Linda Prudden