Our goal is to install healthy life skills and a good work ethic into the children who go through the I Care system. Once the children have either completed their schooling or skills development, and are ready to work, we walk alongside them, guiding them through their new found independence. We never completely “let go” but strive to assist them right up to the point where they have their own families to take care of.

I Care saved me from my darkest moments and helped me complete Grade 12. Thank you I Care.


I ended up living on the streets when my family passed away. I want to thank I Care for all they've done for me. I can call I Care my home and family now. Thank you I Care for everything, especially for helping me get myAgricultural & Brick-Laying Certificate.


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September 17, 2020 in Blog, Housing / Shelter

In Memory of our Founder, Graham Cochrane

This week marks 15 years that our founder, Graham Cochrane, perished when the Moquini Yacht went down during the Mauritius to Durban Yacht Race. We thought this would be the…
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September 1, 2020 in Blog, Education

Rehabilitated street child doing 4th year in Management Degree

Jabulani, our Aftercare Manager has been doing home visits this week and we just had to share the success story of Sandile. Sandile joined I Care years ago, after being…
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