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  • To be the leading organisation that solves the problems of street children in South Africa.
  • To do this through our Christian Faith and by understanding and addressing every aspect of each child’s needs.
  • To grow sustainably.
  • To partner with the authorities and like-minded organisations



A better South Africa where children do not live on the streets.




  • We aim to use public donations, both local and international, on activities that reflect our mission. We wish to provide our donors with the comfort that they need regarding the legitimate use of their funds.
  • We acknowledge our duty to our employees and agents and will strive to be an employer of choice by offering them opportunities for self-development and enrichment.
  • As guardians of public funds, we believe that we must be directed by our Christian beliefs in all aspects of our activities and strive to create an environment which respects the beliefs and feelings of all our stakeholders.

We believe in applying this principle in the following ways:

  • We acknowledge that we are all children of God and are all special in His sight. The distinction between classes is therefore a social one which has no place in our organisation. This value requires we treat each person as special and work towards revealing those God-given gifts that reside in all of us.
  • We acknowledge that we act in a fiduciary capacity towards the public and that we are working towards the betterment of society. As such we will act in an open and honest manner and are fully accountable to the public for the funds advanced to us for the furtherance of our mission.
  • We view those organisations which reflect our values and that we support, or that support us, as our partners. We accept that we have a mutual responsibility towards each other and should contribute synergistically towards each others missions. This value necessitates we select our partners carefully so that all benefit. Further, we will strive to transact with people and entities we feel can meaningfully contribute towards our mission.

Our employees deserve to be treated with respect. We endeavour to create a rewarding environment by developing our employees and helping them realise their potential. We encourage our staff to stretch themselves and encourage and assist them with additional study activities.
Any service we render, or activity we embark on, is to be done to the highest professional standards. The service we offer is to reflect these standards. Professionalism requires we strive to improve ourselves and enhance the benefits offered to all our stakeholders.

Should you have any goods in kind to donate, we would really appreciate them.  ie, boys clothes, linen, furniture, appliances, kitchen utensils, toiletries, foodstuff, eg:  rice, maize meal, sugar, tea, coffee, tinned food, juice etc.