Practical Project

By October 7, 2008 No Comments

Every year the 3rd year communication and media studies students at UKZN have to complete a practical project as part of their portfolio and this year, with the guidance of lecturer Marc Caldwell, students will be focusing on I Care. The class of 170 students will be divided up into groups dealing with 5 different topics ranging from awareness to brand recognition to reputation research.

At the end of the three week practical each group will present their project to a member of I Care and propose how they would be able to assist with reference to their specific topic. Costa Pnematicatos, I Care trustee, welcomes the practical assignment as it allows for evaluation of I Care’s name from an external point of view; he is very interested to see the results.

Through informal research staff members of I Care have discovered that the brand name has a good reputation and the public respect and applaud the work I Care is involved in. If you would like to become an I Care volunteer and help continue improving our community, pop an email to info@icare.co.za