Its meant to be easy!

By September 8, 2008 No Comments

Isn’t it strange how a young South African citizen can bring in over R7 million in the past year for the company (and the SA economy) that he works for, but he can’t get an ID book from the Department of Home Affairs? This is the case relating to Mlungisi Zungu, a young man plucked off the streets and fast tracked through the I CARE system into full time employment. Don’t be mistaken, he has tried to get an id doc on numerous occasions. During his spare time he plays football for a local club, yet he cant go on tour, as he cant produce an id doc.

Every month Mlungisi has to traipse like a dog to the bank with a letter written by his employer verifying who he claims to be, and asking the bank to cash his cheque. He obviously has zero chance of opening a bank account what with fat cat FICA skimming the cream! Is there anyone who can help Mlungisi obtain his ID and open a bank account?? We would value any assistance in rectifying this shameful situation. Please contact us at info@icare.co.za