Street Children and Covid-19

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Many of you are asking the question: “where have all the street children gone during the pandemic of Covid-19?”

I Care have been looking after, rehabilitating, educating and skilling street boys in our city for the past 18 years.  We are blessed to have a contingent of extremely loyal and caring staff who have been instrumental in the care of these children through these trying times.  We have to be extremely vigilant in keeping both our children and staff safe and healthy.

The staff have been outstanding in their efforts to educate, plan and carry out the necessary tasks that will ensure the safety of our boys, as our top priority, and with such respect and consideration for each other as colleagues under trying circumstances.

Our 3 x I Care Houses and Umuzi Rehabilitation Centre, collectively housing 35 children and 11 houseparents have been in total lockdown since 18th March 2020, allowing no visitors at all. Full DSTV packages were installed at each facility as well as new 4-in1 games tables purchased for entertainment, as these boys are an amazing and very energetic bunch of boys.   All facilities have the necessary education, sanitisation and protection necessary.  To keep a strict eye on the boys and staff we are being strict with regular temperature checks and charting.  We thank  DSD for their input and support.

Our Outreach team continues to work during this period of lockdown, providing any urgent needs.

Sakhimpilo@ Jump Youth Mission I Care are in collaboration with Jump Youth Mission in Buffelsdraai, where our older boys are going through the Rehabilitation Program Sakhimpilo, and are about to begin their skills training, reside.  We currently have 6 I Care boys staying at JYM, under the loving and spiritual guidance of Valery and Kevin.  All the necessary safety and hygiene precautions are in place and this facility is practicing social distancing and  complete lockdown whilst going about their daily programmes

Food parcels have been delivered to families in need and will also ensure that the outpatient detox boys get to their clinic appointments each week.

The Good news is we have just become the proud owners of a lovely piece of ground that has been a God sent gift at this time and gives the boys their own turf to play on.  They can kick balls and have games in a safe place.  This piece of land is right next to 2 of our family houses in Lower Illovo.

I Care would like to thank everyone for the prayers and concern shown at this time.  Thank you for the generous donations of sandwiches, fruit and Easter Eggs.  Your continued support would be greatly appreciated!!

Keep safe!

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