AGM Report – Volunteers

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The enthusiastic volunteer team we have each year always blesses us.  The regular programmes run by Art herapist/
counsellor/lifeskills coach Gaby Webber,

OT Tarryn Minaar and Lynn Norton, during 2017, always brought out the best in the boys.  The DUT and UNISA students bring such value to the organisation as we mutually benefit from the time they spend with us.  Choices for Life and local community youth forums attend our Rehabilitation Centre and assist hugely in our curriculum.  Jenny from our community in Lower Illovo supports our houses in so many different ways.  ‘We are Durban’ are a wonderful support organisation who keep us under their wing and provide excellent training to us.

Our ELM volunteers make our computer database an efficient tool for us as they keep it up to date and they bring a fresh addition to our team as they involve themselves in many areas of the daily programmes.  Thank you to Finn and Sebastian for your commitment of a whole year away from your families in Germany. 


All other volunteers, be it on special occasions or for short periods you spend with us we are eternally grateful for your time and talent.  It is always worrying to list and name volunteers for fear of leaving someone out.

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