AGM Report – Aftercare

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The Aftercare project has assisted a large number of direct as well as indirect beneficiaries during the past year.  Food parcels containing both purchased and donated non-perishable foods are delivered monthly to those boys and families who require assistance.  School uniforms and stationery are supplied for those boys who return to school after graduating from our rehabilitation programme and are reunified with family. 

Most children leave home and come to the streets due to poverty and abuse and so to ensure that there is a provision of food to a household reduces the risk of the child returning to the streets.  We can monitor the boy’s behaviour by visiting the homes each month and by checking his attendance at school.  

Some of the boys from this Aftercare project feed into the skills programme as they complete their highest attainable grade at school and are over 16 years of age.  Our Aftercare worker is attentive to their needs and has an excellent relationship with those boys and their families. 

Costs:  R390 723 p/annum                            R 32 560 per month


Beneficiaries:  80 per month                       R407 per month per beneficiary