I Care Lockdown Family Runathon

I Care held a Fun Family Runathon during Lockdown on Freedom Day.  This idea came about as we had to postpone our 17th Annual Golf Day Fundraiser due to be held later in May.

We challenged participants to run either 2.5 kms or 5km in their gardens between 5am and 5pm on Freedom Day.  The response was overwhelming with many local participants, people from all over South Africa as well as overseas, young and old.

By all the photos that were sent in, it was evident to see the fun that families shared doing the run.  Many went out of their way, printing or making their race numbers to pin to their running shirts, had water tables (including hand sanitizers), wore red and I could go on and on.

Our oldest participant, Rev Tim Horwood, aged 87, completed the run and also brought extra money in through sponsorships.

Schools and businesses took up the challenge, and it was lovely seeing the virtual spirit among everyone.  Some participants rode a horse, others vacuumed, whilst the majority walked or ran.

A huge thank you to each and everyone who contributed towards this successful event.  I Care raised a handsome sum of R48 500.

This money will go a long way in helping us to help the street children in our city.

I Care have been changing the lives of street children for the past 18 years.  I CARE is a non-profit Christian organisation, devoted to finding a sustainable solution to the problem of street children in Durban. We are community based and engage directly with children on the streets, to encourage a better life for them.  Our cycle includes rehabilitation, housing, education, skills and aftercare.

Oldest contestant Rev Tim Haywood