Our camps have evolved to be a forum for the reunification of children with significant members of their families. They have come to be a joyous part of the children and their families as they push back the past and embrace a new beginning. This was our largest camp so far with a total attendance of 29. This camp was unique in that our sponsors also participated in it and that some families saw it fit to send two members of the family to be involved.

This camp was partly sponsored by Afrox and Rivers Foundation in partnership with Mpisi Tradings. Nuska of the Rivers Foundation attended together with Estralitta, the Internal Auditor of Mpisi Trading. We are grateful not only for the financial support but also for the two’s keen interest in what we are doing and for their active participation in the camp proceedings.

We are sincerely indebted to Mike Hodgson the owner of the campsite that has allowed us to use without charge as part of his contribution to our cause.

Following from the theme of the camp, “Can two walk together unless they are agreed (Amos 3:3), and the sermons on forgiveness, love and belonging, it was not difficult for both children and parents to forgive each other. They were encouraged to write down their pledges and commitment for each to take their places in familial relationships and build new relationships based on love and trust.









Pictured above left is Nuska addressing parental issues and right, Lucky’s uncle narrating his ordeals with Lucky.