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  • Johannesburg

    The street children problem in Durban is indicative of the dilemma existing in all communities of South Africa and is directly related to the breakdown of families and family values. I Care has identified the need to establish the I Care cycle within other cities …

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  • Three New Homes

    The three houses in Lower Illovo were completed at the end of February and the boys moved in beginning of March. Within a matter of days the boys were feeling quite at home. The “Handing Over” ceremony took place on March 11.

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  • Building The Best

    The three new I Care homes in LowerIllovo have met a few small building snags but will be completed at the end of February and the boys will be able to move in at the beginning of March. The “Handing Over” ceremony will be taking …

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  • Its Almost Time to Move In!

    The building of the new houses in Lower Illovo is comng along nicely. The anticipated date of completiong is the end of January. The picture shows how things are progressing. It was taken on 12 December 2008.

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  • Check it out!

    This photo was taken in December 2008. Completion expected to be end January 2009.

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  • Building Report

    NOTE. This page should be devoted to pictures of the completed houses and the celebration party.

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  • Shelter gets a face lift

    Potters Hands Ministries has been supported by I Care for many years. We at I Care try to assist where-ever and whenever we can. With that in mind I Care has arranged for much needed maintenance work to be undertaken on the property at the …

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  • Update – 3 New I Care homes

    After many meetings, and what felt like endless document submissions, we are on track and plans are going full steam a head to build 3 new homes in Mid-Illovo. All 3 sets of house plans have been approved (finally) and construction should be completed by …

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  • Housing & Shelter

    Every house where love abidesAnd friendship is a guest,Is surely home, and home sweet homeFor there the heart can rest.Henry Van Dyke I Care are excited that plans for building three homes in Illovo are well underway. This will help meet our aim to run …

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