Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2009’

  • Sports Day

    Three I Care boys rounding the final bend before the straight, about to take the first three places in a race which was part of a wonderful Sports Day Event, held in Albert Park on Saturday, June 20. The event was hosted by the Department …

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  • Brie Plaggenborg

    One of our volunteers,Brie Plaggenborg, returned to us this month after a holiday with her parents in Holland. She had a great time but admitted she was happy to be back with I Care. Brie helps Gill – our school principal and teachers, Nicola and …

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  • Healing of Memories

    Eleven young men, aged between 10 and 16 years, attended the Healing of Memories through Ecotherapy Course which is run by Mdu Mchunu of Indalo Development Institute three times a year for I Care children as phase 1 of the Khuthaza Programme. As you can …

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  • Graduation

    We congratulate all the graduates who celebrated the completion of a six week course where they were taught self awareness, communications, social skills, teamwork, anger-management and how to conquer substance abuse, among many other projects. They looked very smart in uniforms donated by Stihl.

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  • Roundtable

    ROUNDTABLE Southern Africa held a very special event on Saturday, 30 May. They asked the public to please purchase blankets and then donate them to The Winter Knights for distribution – via I Care – to disadvantaged people to help to keep them warm during …

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  • Prevention & Awareness

    Lucia has been very involved lately with other charities, such as the Save the Children Fund. Also, in conjunction with the Ethekwini Municipality and SAPS, interacting with staff and children from Primary, Secondary and High Schools in the area. She has been giving Prevention and …

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