Umhlanga Rotary

By March 11, 2013Blog
roatry newspaper pic only Two years ago Rotary Umhlanga, together with the Rotary Club of Drachten de Wouden in Holland, funded on of our a rehabilitation courses. Subjects covered were communication skills, decision making, trust issues, health, life planning, fear and anxiety, crime and drug abuse, sexuality, HIV & Aids, self esteem and family relationships.
37 boys completed one of the three programmes during the sponsorship and of these 13 are home with family and self-supporting, 10 are back with family but still on our aftercare program, 7 are living in our I Care houses, and 5 are currently completing skills training. Sadly there are two boys who have returned to the streets after being reunited with family.
However, we feel that a 95% success rate is pretty good and we thank Rotary for helping to make this possible through their kindness and compassion.