Stepping Stones

By September 23, 2010Uncategorized

The following extract has been taken from an article written by ‘The Idler’ in Durban’s morning newspaper – The Mercury – on Tuesday, September 21st 2010.
‘They hang about the intersections pestering motorists for hand-outs. Where do they come from? What happens when they grow up? Do they graduate to serious crime?
Retired Durban business executive Bryan Britton is determined to do something to help lift street children out of their predicament and get them into an acceptable mode of living. His contribution has been to put together a book that sets a framework for the youth of today. ‘Stepping Stones’ (Reach Publishers) brings together aphorisms from a range of sources – from ancient Rome to the bible, to Eastern and European philosophies – all focusing on the requirements necessary for a balanced and meaningful life.
The proceeds from the sale of the books will go to I Care, a registered charity that seeks to bring street children back into productive society and into an environment where these precepts can have meaning’.
‘Stepping Stones’ retails at R149.98 and can be ordered at