Motorists are being targeted

By September 22, 2008Awareness

A headline on the front page of a local Durban newspaper stated that “Drivers who pay beggars will risk prosecution” What is your initial reaction? Do you know that if you give money to beggars at intersections you are breaking traffic bylaws?

The eThekwini Municipality now wants to take action against motorists and the Municipality has initiated a drive targeted at motorists. Although Michael Sutcliffe, Municipality Manager, was quoted as saying “it certainly takes two to tango” as many mothers are forcing their children to beg. One woman in particular was found guilty of violating the Child Care Act and she has been given a six month suspended sentence for forcing her child to beg.

We would like to reinforce the message behind the newspaper article: Giving money to people on our streets only encourages them to stay there. You are doing two things by supporting them; breaking the law and encouraging a life on the streets that leads to crime and abuse.

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