Mandela Day 2013

By October 14, 2013Blog

Mandela Day was a huge success! Starting the day before, a forum from  the provincial legislature visited the I Care family houses.  There were on site caterers who provided a lovely lunch for I Care Boys, staff and the visitors from the forum

mand caterers



mand feed boys








They had a tour around the houses and lunch was followed by a meeting, focusing mainly on the challenges that I Care face.  They all agreed to help us to find some solution to some of the problems that we face.

Mandela Day was full of activities and donations from various individuals and organisations.  The morning began with staff from the J Hillebrand group supplying and cooking a delicious breakfast for the boys, as well as providing them with other useful items.  Pictured below is Nikki from the Hillbrand Group, assisting Lilian preparing breakfast for the boys

nikki preparing breakfast


Throughout the morning we had staff from various organisations, bringing donations of food, beanies, scarves, toiletries, sweets, cakes, cooldrink etc.  The boys were on their best behaviour and sang a few songs for the visitors.  Pictured below are staff from Bidvest Panalpino, who spoilt our boys with goodie bags, birthday cake, sweets etc

BPL staff


For people wanting to give of their time, we supplied them with a rag and stoep polish to polish the newly revamped amphitheatre.

Polishing amphitheatre

The boys were also treated to soccer at Jameson park and burgers and a beach clean up at Sun Coast.

 Our rehabilitation boys were invited to Northwood school for a school soccer game and lunch provided by the school.  The entire school as well as many staff, watched the soccer game, and our boys had the opportunity of standing in front of the school with the first team soccer while the school song was being sung.  Northwood raised R2400 in funds for us and also donated  a huge amount of clothing.