Khutaza Graduation

By October 21, 2009Rehabilitation

On Friday, October 9, seven young men celebrated their graduation from the Khuthaza Rehabilitation Programme. These youngsters had – literally – come off the streets and gone through a pretty intensive programme, learning self-discipline, temper- management, how to quit drugs and/or the sniffing of glue and to gain an ability to get on with their peers. This programme takes place over a period of three months and at the end of the course these ex street kids are deemed to be in a much better position to get on in the world, and because they have worked hard, we salute them.
Apart from receiving their certificates the boys were also given gifts from I Care. They then gave the assembled guests – I Care personnel and friends – to a quite delightful song and dance routine, followed by a piano solo given by Donation and a song from Thulile, accompanied by the talented Mr. Donation. We enjoyed a very enlightening talk from Pat McKrill about being scared of the unknown, accompanied by his very obliging pet snake. One of the boys then held the snake, to the horror of some and the amusement of others.
This was followed by the presentation of a cheque for R30,000.00 from Spring Lights Gas by Olivia Almanza, received on behalf of I Care by our top fundraiser, Gerty Henderson.
Then, to finish off a very enjoyable hour and a half we were treated to boerwors (spicy South African sausage to non-South Africans)and rolls.