Johannesburg Boys Camp

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On Friday October 22 six boys from the streets of Mayfair in Johannesburg set off for a week-end camp away from the depressing atmosphere of Johannesburg street life. The trip was a resounding success.
A week before the camp I Care visited the parents of the boys in Soweto and Orange Farm to get their permission for the outing. It was given willingly. There were six participants, aged from 10 to 17 years of age, all of them from the streets. Three volunteers, graduates from our Khuthaza Rehab Centre, two I Care staff members and two caterers accompanied the boys.
The theme for the camp was ‘My Life’ and was intended as a comparison for the boys to accept their past lives, seek understanding of where they now find themselves and draw up reasonable plans for life after the camp and for their future.
They explored the world of creative arts and participated in various sports and games, keeping the graduates busy.
At a fireside chat on the Friday each individual told his own life story which turned out to be a most enriching expreience for everyone, boys and helpers alike.
One of I Care’s staff members said that the group had been a joy to work with. Apart from the odd expected squabble they were calm and relaxed. They used all the rooms responsibly and kept everything clean and neat.
In conclusion, the camp was a great success and the participants all enjoyed the experience but expressed regret that it was too short.
The camp also gave our three graduates a wonderful opportunity to exercise their leadership skills. Linda, in particular, was outstanding.
Our thanks go out to everybody involved, not least to Bill and Maydie, our caterers. They are a wonderful couple. We are humbled by their devotion to I Care and the boys.

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