I Care Christian School

By August 29, 2008Education

The young men that recently completed the Khuthaza Lifestyle Rehabilitation Programme and attending I Care Christian School have requested that they are no longer referred to as Street kids. We therefore decided to run a competition at the school asking each boy to come up with their own slogan for the school. Out of all the suggestions received the following slogan was chosen:

Thanks to the Game City Valentines function for the funding for this re-branding. Through donations from Game City we managed to raise R8, 000 for the school shirts and educational materials. The boys have each been given two t-shirts to wear at schools sports competitions and I Care outings. We are very proud of our boys for coming up with such a beautiful motto and will continue to do our best to provide just that for each one of them. As more funding comes in for the school we are planning to purchase ties and hopefully even produce a school sign.