Curves Morningside are hosting their Annual Food Drive in March, where members of the gym and the community are encouraged to donate non-perishable groceries to the cause. This is an International initiative in which all Curves franchises around the world participate with the intention of improving the lives of the less fortunate. This Drive has impacted positively on numerous charity organisations and Curves Morningside are proud to be associated with a renowned women’s fitness centre that not only changes the lives of its members but the lives of others as well.
We would like to extend a special thanks to Windermere Centre for their generosity in supporting this cause through their donation of 23 kgs of non-perishable groceries to Curves Morningside. These groceries, plus those contributed by other supporters, will be donated to I Care at the end of March.
Curves Morningside will also be hosting a Zumba Party on March 24 and the proceeds generated from this exciting and enjoyable event will be used to purchase further groceries for the Drive. Tickets are on sale for just R40.00 and will entitle the holder to a one-hour Zumba session, breakfast and one entry into a lucky draw. An interesting and informative presentation will also be given by Jenni-Lyn from I Care.
Join us as we party for a cause!
Ticket enquiries: contact 031-3124812
Picture shows I Care’s Lucia (centre) and two Curves Morningside ladies.