The Aftercare project has assisted a large number of direct as well as indirect beneficiaries during the past year.  Food parcels containing both purchased and donated non-perishable foods are delivered monthly to those boys and families who require assistance.  School uniforms and stationery are supplied for those boys who return to school after graduating from our rehabilitation programme and are reunified with family. 

Most children leave home and come to the streets due to poverty and abuse and so to ensure that there is a provision of food to a household reduces the risk of the child returning to the streets.  We can monitor the boy’s behaviour by visiting the homes each month and by checking his attendance at school.  

Some of the boys from this Aftercare project feed into the skills programme as they complete their highest attainable grade at school and are over 16 years of age.  Our Aftercare worker is attentive to their needs and has an excellent relationship with those boys and their families. 

Costs:  R390 723 p/annum                            R 32 560 per month


Beneficiaries:  80 per month                       R407 per month per beneficiary

Our houses have been busy with a fair amount of movement within.  We have condensed all boys into two of our houses due to the resignation of a house parent last year and so one house remains empty for now.  There are four wonderful house parents presently looking after 14 boys.  The boys enjoyed surfing lessons over the summer months which were conducted in Scottburgh and Football sessions need to begin again soon since the loss of our resident coach in Lower Illovo.

Staff:      House Parents x 4

               School Teacher

Costs:      R498 837 p/annum Houses                            R41 570 per month

                R 98 444 p/annum School                              R 8 203.66 per month


Beneficiaries:  22 boys in 2017                                    R2 262 per month per boy

The rehabilitation centre in KwaMakhutha is a haven for those who are determined to give up street life and they are encouraged by excellent mentors and staff to be resilient to the temptations of their former days and friends on the streets.  They have the chance to renew, restore and rebuild their lives.

Staff:       Centre Manager

                House Parents x 2

                Course Facilitator

                Stipend Volunteer

Costs:  637 781 p/annum                                               R53 148 Per month

Beneficiaries:  30 Intake                                                   R21 260 per rehabilitation course per boy

                    13 successfully rehabilitated


We continue to be encouraged by the number of boys we meet on the streets of Durban, Stanger and surrounds who come to our Hope Centre to take the opportunities that I Care offers to them.  To make the first steps to change their lives and the hope of a future off the streets.  
The staff are energetic and interested in every boy they meet and ensure that the best outcomes are planned for each.  Our Social Worker works from the Hope Centre and is case manager for all boys throughout all projects.  The database is also managed from here as each boy is profiled and a personal file is created.

Staff:        Social Worker

                Child Care and programme co-ordinator

                Outreach Worker




Costs:  R1 317 780 p/annum                         R109 815 Per month

Beneficiaries:  87 Hope Centre                        R802 per month per boy

                     50 on the streets

Who are we?

I Care wants a better South Africa where children do not live on the streets and we strive to be the leading organisation that solves the problem of street children. We do this through our Christian faith and by understanding and addressing each aspect of a child’s needs.

Our Vision and Mission reminds us why we carry on doing a great job and motivates us when times get tough.  It’s also why, during 2017:-

Ø  We had 22 boys living in our houses

Ø  Delivered 264 food parcels

Ø  Benefitted, with food, 1255 indirect beneficiaries

Ø  Skilled 19 boys on various practical skills courses

Ø  Took 30 boys into our rehab centre and successfully graduated 13

Ø  Reunified 28 families

Ø  Worked with 97 boys at our Hope Centre

Ø  Prepared and served in excess of 21 000 meals in our 5 kitchens

Ø  On an average day, we fed 150 adults and children, including indirect beneficiaries.

Ø  Received R3 900 000 in donations and fundraising to fund all the above.


Our goal is to install healthy life
skills and a good work ethic into
the children who go through the
I Care system.

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With your financial support, children can build strength, stability and independence through the I Care system.


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