AGM Report - Donations

The financial donations keep the Project running costs covered and the R3 900 000 went a long way doing just that and we are so grateful.

Donations in kind greatly assist in replacing or adding to our much-needed equipment that the budget does not stretch to.  Last year we had:


  • Atlas Plastics donating 3 water tanks which were installed at our houses and rehab.
  • LBH SA donate a beautiful Hyndai i20 which replaced our aging Getz
  • Stoves, fridges, IT and electrical appliances met our needs at the houses and offices.
  • Food came in abundance from our regular Woolworths, Home Bake, SA Fasteners, Rivers Church and Pax College.


Our goal is to install healthy life
skills and a good work ethic into
the children who go through the
I Care system.

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With your financial support, children can build strength, stability and independence through the I Care system.


Durban Head Office
Tel:      031 - 572 6870

Care Line:
Tel:      081 331 5484

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