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Do you feel a sense of hopelessness for Durban’s homeless people?

NGO’s, I Care and the Denis Hurley Centre, who look after street children and homeless adults respectively, are giving you the opportunity to make a difference.

We are planning an event to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless, as well as to
raise funds for us to continue our work in helping these vulnerable citizens of our city!

We are inviting the public and the homeless to participate in this initiative. We will share dinner together (which will be provided) and listen to music, as well as have the opportunity for prayers, quiet time and some community in the Cathedral.

This year we are changing things a bit and we are hosting a street awareness event at the
Denis Hurley Centre, on the 14th of July 2017. The event will include live music performers and
interaction with the homeless people.

  • live music performances throughout the evening
  • Gospel music / singing / prayer
  • food will be provided (Chicken and Veg biryani).
    Please bring cooldrinks and dessert to share with the homeless
  • R100 admission fee – includes dinner and live entertainment
  • Get your friends and family to sponsor you – We ask that you aim to raise R1000, of which R100 will be used as your admission fee.
  • The money raised will go towards I Care and the Denis Hurley Centre, to continue the important work that we do in helping the homeless in our society.
  • The evening with entertainment will be from 6pm-10pm, with the option to sleep over for those of you who would like to.

Please note that the event will take place in an enclosed area with security present, but we ask that you leave your valuables at home or bring them at your own risk.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing this evening with you!

For more info please email: or visit our :  facebook page

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How this event works:

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Step 1 fill in a “sign up”sheet

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Step 2 we give you a “sponsor” sheet

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Step 3 You will try to find 10 people who will dare you R100 each so you can participate in this event

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Step 4 Enjoy the talented musos, enjoy the interaction with the homeless and like minded friends, and the sanctuary of the Cathedral (feeding your spiritual needs)

We DARE YOU!!And CHALLENGE your friends to participate too! AND don’t worry – we will make it safe!

What to do and what to bring:

Breyani will be provided.
Please bring cooldrink and something sweet to share with the homeless
Chairs will be provided.
If you are sleeping over, please bring blankets etc
If you would like to donate items:  gently used clothing, non perishables and toiletries
Please watch this space, or like our FaceBook page for more info. /


Don’t bring:

Jewellery, braais, stretchers etc – we want to keep this humble!
Toilets will be provided
Watch your  emails and facebook for important updates for this event

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On-line Application

Please enter your details and we will have your form ready for you to sign on the day.

[contactform email=”” subject=”Website Query :: i Dare 2 Care” success=”Thank you for contacting iCare. We will respond to your message shortly.” captcha=”true”] [name label=”Date of Birth:” required=”true”] [name label=”First Name:” required=”true”] [name label=”Surname:” required=”true”] [name label=”Street Address:” required=”true”] [email label=”E-mail:” required=”true”] [textfield label=”Telephone No:”] [textfield label=”Cell:” required=”true”] [textfield label=”Church or Organisation”] [textfield label=”Supporting I Care or Denis Hurley?” required=”true”] [textfield label=”Sleeping over:   YES     NO ” required=”true”] [textarea label=”Message:” required=”true”] [text content = ”

Please note that by checking this box you agree to the Indemnity Form

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Please add up the sum

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