The enthusiastic volunteer team we have each year always blesses us.  The regular programmes run by Art herapist/
counsellor/lifeskills coach Gaby Webber,

OT Tarryn Minaar and Lynn Norton, during 2017, always brought out the best in the boys.  The DUT and UNISA students bring such value to the organisation as we mutually benefit from the time they spend with us.  Choices for Life and local community youth forums attend our Rehabilitation Centre and assist hugely in our curriculum.  Jenny from our community in Lower Illovo supports our houses in so many different ways.  ‘We are Durban’ are a wonderful support organisation who keep us under their wing and provide excellent training to us.

Our ELM volunteers make our computer database an efficient tool for us as they keep it up to date and they bring a fresh addition to our team as they involve themselves in many areas of the daily programmes.  Thank you to Finn and Sebastian for your commitment of a whole year away from your families in Germany. 


All other volunteers, be it on special occasions or for short periods you spend with us we are eternally grateful for your time and talent.  It is always worrying to list and name volunteers for fear of leaving someone out.

The support team in our Administration and Marketing departments work endlessly to ensure adequate funding and financial accountability is maintained to a high standard. 
The Social Surplus department collects and sorts public donations in-kind and distributes to the various projects, as they need.  Excess clothing and household goods can be purchased from our Charity Shop which supports our food parcel purchase.


We have, since 2011, skilled 100 young men through the various service providers and in particular St Anthony’s Skills Centre.  Our Skills Programme was an addition to our education programme and boys who had been reunified were eligible to receive training. 

During 2017 it was noted that more and more older boys were falling back into the streets and so the Sakhimpilo Course was developed and has successfully assisted 16 young men to change their lives from drug and street dependency to be skilled in Panel Beating, Spraying, Bakery Chef, Welding and Building. St Anthony’s Skill Centre, Embocraft, Versatile Skills Centre, Hibiscus Training Centre and Corobrik were the helpful service providers we utilised last year.


Staff:  Aftercare & Skills co-ordinator

            Project Manager

Costs:  R123 503 p/annum                            R10 292 per month

Beneficiaries:  19                                        R 6 500 per beneficiary

The Aftercare project has assisted a large number of direct as well as indirect beneficiaries during the past year.  Food parcels containing both purchased and donated non-perishable foods are delivered monthly to those boys and families who require assistance.  School uniforms and stationery are supplied for those boys who return to school after graduating from our rehabilitation programme and are reunified with family. 

Most children leave home and come to the streets due to poverty and abuse and so to ensure that there is a provision of food to a household reduces the risk of the child returning to the streets.  We can monitor the boy’s behaviour by visiting the homes each month and by checking his attendance at school.  

Some of the boys from this Aftercare project feed into the skills programme as they complete their highest attainable grade at school and are over 16 years of age.  Our Aftercare worker is attentive to their needs and has an excellent relationship with those boys and their families. 

Costs:  R390 723 p/annum                            R 32 560 per month


Beneficiaries:  80 per month                       R407 per month per beneficiary

Our houses have been busy with a fair amount of movement within.  We have condensed all boys into two of our houses due to the resignation of a house parent last year and so one house remains empty for now.  There are four wonderful house parents presently looking after 14 boys.  The boys enjoyed surfing lessons over the summer months which were conducted in Scottburgh and Football sessions need to begin again soon since the loss of our resident coach in Lower Illovo.

Staff:      House Parents x 4

               School Teacher

Costs:      R498 837 p/annum Houses                            R41 570 per month

                R 98 444 p/annum School                              R 8 203.66 per month


Beneficiaries:  22 boys in 2017                                    R2 262 per month per boy


Our goal is to install healthy life
skills and a good work ethic into
the children who go through the
I Care system.

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With your financial support, children can build strength, stability and independence through the I Care system.


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