We have, since 2011, skilled 100 young men through the various service providers and in particular St Anthony’s Skills Centre.  Our Skills Programme was an addition to our education programme and boys who had been reunified were eligible to receive training. 

During 2017 it was noted that more and more older boys were falling back into the streets and so the Sakhimpilo Course was developed and has successfully assisted 16 young men to change their lives from drug and street dependency to be skilled in Panel Beating, Spraying, Bakery Chef, Welding and Building. St Anthony’s Skill Centre, Embocraft, Versatile Skills Centre, Hibiscus Training Centre and Corobrik were the helpful service providers we utilised last year.

Staff:  Aftercare & Skills co-ordinator, Project Manager

Costs:  R123 503 p/annum                            R10 292 per month


Beneficiaries:  19                                           R 6 500 per beneficiary

The financial donations keep the Project running costs covered and the R3 900 000 went a long way doing just that and we are so grateful.

Donations in kind greatly assist in replacing or adding to our much-needed equipment that the budget does not stretch to.  Last year we had:


  • Atlas Plastics donating 3 water tanks which were installed at our houses and rehab.
  • LBH SA donate a beautiful Hyndai i20 which replaced our aging Getz
  • Stoves, fridges, IT and electrical appliances met our needs at the houses and offices.
  • Food came in abundance from our regular Woolworths, Home Bake, SA Fasteners, Rivers Church and Pax College.


Our goal is to install healthy life
skills and a good work ethic into
the children who go through the
I Care system.

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With your financial support, children can build strength, stability and independence through the I Care system.


Durban Head Office
Tel:      031 - 572 6870

Care Line:
Tel:      081 331 5484

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