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  • Eye Test September

    Eye Tests

    Last month our boys were given eye tests, thanks to the kindness of Craig van Neikerk and Carolyn MacQueen. One or two needed to wear glasses. As you can see, they were more than a little delighted with the results. “Wow”, said one, “I can …

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  • IMG 0180

    Book Launch

    200 people attended the book launch for Helana Olivier’s book “Stories of Real Hope” at our aptly named “Hope Centre” on 4 August 2009. We would like to suggest that everyone reads these stories. They are inspiring.

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  • Rotary Umhlanga

    On Wednesday, July 15, our Chairman, Denise Cochrane was named a PAUL HARRIS FELLOW for her work with I Care and street children at a ceremony at Pana Dam, Umhlanga. In accepting the award Denise thanked Rotary, Umhlanga and Robbyn Bishop, President, in particular for …

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  • Helana Olivier

    Helana Olivier is a South African writer who, like Shelley Miller, is donating the proceeds from her book, “Stories of Real Hope” to the street children being looked after by I Care. The book is the fulfilment of a 30 year old dream and is …

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  • Shelley Miller

    Shelley Miller, who has been associated with I Care for many years, is generously donating the proceeds from the sale of her two books, “Heart of Stone”, an e-book, to be launched soon and “Children of our Land” a little later. Shelley has moved to …

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  • Roundtable

    ROUNDTABLE Southern Africa held a very special event on Saturday, 30 May. They asked the public to please purchase blankets and then donate them to The Winter Knights for distribution – via I Care – to disadvantaged people to help to keep them warm during …

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  • Winter Warmth

    This is a picture of the poster asking the public to donate blankets, warm clothing etc to help the less fortunate people in Durban to get through the cold nights. We can snuggle down under our duvets to keep warm but some of the children …

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  • About / Contact Details

    Phone: 031 572 6870 Careline: 086 147 0047 Fax: 031 572 6875E-mail: No: 4520217409PBO No: 930001893REG No: IT767/02 P O Box 3355Somerset Park4021

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  • 2009 Plans

    Prevention / AwarenessWe need to focus on preventative talks in schools in the community. We have identified 15 schools located in areas where the risk of children leaving for the streets is high. We wish to set up partnerships between the more affluent schools and …

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  • Highlights of 2008

    Prevention / AwarenessMotivational / awareness talks were done at the following schools – Waterloo primary, Amatikwe Primary, Clareville Primary, Efolweni Primary, La Lucia Crawford college, Chelsea primary, Padayachee Primary. OutreachWe held a 5-day camp for 80 children from four schools from underprivileged communities and street …

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